A Short Stay in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may not be a country that much heard as a mainstream tourist destination compared to their neighbor India or even Nepal for example.

But in truth, this country actually has many to offer. From the dazzling tropical landscape of tea plantation and lust rain forest in the north, pristine beaches and resorts in the south and the famous Sigiriya rock in the center.

Sri Lanka also has a long history of commerce, reaching back to 5 century BC, connecting Mediterranean, Middle East, Malay Archipelago and China and become a central hub of those trade routes or some might call it as a “Silk Road of the Sea”.

Too bad I only spent a short time in their capital Colombo, but hopefully I will come back again and explore this rich and friendly Island once more and this time for a longer period.

An introvert kinda guy, spent too much times on books, watching documentaries on Youtube and playing historical strategy games for long hours. Falling in love with solo traveling and experiencing different cultures first hand. Still learning to write properly and using cameras without auto mode.

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