Caucasus Plus Trip is Done!

7 weeks, 7 countries, dozens of provinces, cities, towns, and villages, from a snowy mountain in Georgia to a death-dry desert in Iran, from a humble sheep hut in Central Anatolia to a futuristic 21st-century skyscraper in Dubai. This journey is, without doubt, is one of the most diverse and most rewarding trips I ever had.

I met Shia’s, Sunni’s, Sufi’s, Armenian Orthodox’s, Christian Apostle’s, Buddhist’s, Hindu’s, Atheist’s, Agnostic’s, both Seculars and Religious peoples along the way.

I follow a footstep of some of the greatest civilizations the world had ever seen such as Persians, Hellenistic, Greco Roman and Islamic Golden Era from Iran to Turkey.

I see a magnificent sunrise of the Great Caucasus Mountain Range from a 30.000 ft air-flight, I see a solemn sunset deep inside of the Kaluts desert. I even end up participating in a street rally during recent Armenian Revolutions.

I met so many good people and receive so many hospitality and kindness on the roads. The world is indeed full of mostly a kind-heart and good people rather than the bad one, despite what the news and media told you.

Another memorable chapter of my life is done and I am very grateful to have it.


An introvert kinda guy, spent too much times on books, watching documentaries on Youtube and playing historical strategy games for long hours. Falling in love with solo traveling and experiencing different cultures first hand. Still learning to write properly and using cameras without auto mode.

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